Mikayla Schepens

Goal $ 130.00
$ 195.00 raised
Mary Anne Bilko
$ 50.00
$ 20.00
Auntie Janice
$ 25.00
Good on you for participating 6th straight years in a row!
Colleen And Stuart
$ 25.00
Luv G&G
$ 50.00
$ 25.00
Good for you Mikayla
I am very excited to participate in my 6th Thinkfast event at J.H.Picard!
We will be fasting for 25 hours in solidarity with those who are less fortunate in our world. All donations will go to Developemrnt and Peace to help create a sustainable future for everyone across the globe.
The goal is to teach a community to fish so they will be fed for their lifetime instead of giving a community fish so they will be fed for a day.
Thanks for all the support!
I'm campaigning as part of a team: JHPthinkfast2018