Jonathan Fayemi

Goal $ 50.00
$ 5.00 raised
$ 5.00
I, am Jonathan Vi Britannia the Third, Father of the great Claude Vi Britannia the Second. By my name, I will contribute as much effort as possible to aid all the kids suffering in the third world countries, but I cannot do it alone. With your donations, we can complete the goal of $5,000 instantaneously and achieve the goal of no one, being poor. While that seems very far away, little steps such as this, help immensely to beat the fight against poverty. So please I beg of you, to all my loyal comrades, servants and family members, to help donate to this prodigious cause and recognize the great length you are going through to benefit these children and adults alike. I hope we can reach our goal of $5,000 swiftly, and I expect to see your name, as one of the contributors to this cause.

Thank You.

- Jonathan Vi Britannia the Third.
I'm campaigning as part of a team: CE 10 Celtics ThinkFast 2018